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Grain drying systems

Centrifugal, axial and extraction fans for grain drying

Centrifugal Fan Units

Centrifugal fan units are available in sizes from 3hp to 50hp. They featyre all steel construction with modern backward curved impellers which are statically and dynamically balanced and mounted directly on to the motor shaft.

Grain drying fans

Available with standard, downdraught and overhead outlets, they can be used in a variety of applications where maximum output is required against back pressure of up to 10" (250mm).

Where high outputs are required, but electricity supply could be a problem, Duplex fan units can be supplied that minimise electrical consumption whilst giving greater flexibility for drying batches within the store.

With the increasing popularity of internal fan houses within bulk stores, downdraught fans are frequently mounted above the main air tunnel. Its compact design and installation fits easily within these smaller fan-rooms.

With the increased use of temperature drying systems in bulk stores fitted with the Harvest Maxi-Stirrer system, these fans will handle air temperatures of up to 50°c without any appreciable rise in motor temperature. For even higher temperature applications fans can be supplied with special motors to ensure trouble-free operation.

Axial Fan Units

Harvest two stage axial fans are available as standard from two 3kW (4hp) up to 18.5kW (25hp). These standard units are supplied in heavy duty dip-galvanised casings with cast aluminium impellers giving high outputs per horse-power, and the contra-rotating impellers will develop pressure equally as high as a similar output centrifugal fan.

For applications where there is a limit to electricity supply Harvest two-stage in-line axial fans are the obvious choice. Special situations can be considered where extremely high back pressure or high outputs are required, as a wide range of impellers are available to give performance to suit virtually any application.

All model PFD fans can be supplied with mounting feet and inlet guard. Downdraught applications are also available.

Harvest Model PFDD

The Duplex 2 stage axial is ideal where large quantities of air are required, the four electric motors give the lowest possible maximum electricity demand and offers the greatest flexibility of any fan system being able to run one, two or all four motors.

Outputs up to 100,000 cfm are possible for larger floor stores and installation is simple and cost effective.

Single Axial Fan Models – PF, PFS AND PFV

Single axial fan units are the choice where maximum air output per horse power is required at a relatively modest back pressure, ventilation of vegetable stores and air movement with any storage building is possible.

The PF range is suitable for duct of wall mounting with its tubular steel frame with mounting lugs and using a cast aluminium impeller. The range of PFV fans are built with a cast aluminium frame with stainless steel motor mountings and there is a comprehensive range available from 310mm to 710mm diameter.

The PFS range consists of a single impeller in a short galvanised case. Detailed specifications are available for all of the above.


Silencers are available for the range of Harvest fans fitting both centrifugal and axial models, and they are available in standard form and also with an internal pod fitted for even greater efficiency. Silencers are one diameter long as standard and are easily attached to the inlet of both types of fan.

Extraction Fan Units

Gable end extraction and ventilation units consisting of a 900mm diameter reversible fan unit, with a mounting plate and external cowl, can be supplied insulated and fitted with an external silencer if required for noise sensitive areas.

If you would like any further information on any of these fans please feel free to get in touch.

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