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Grain drying floors

Challow drive-on floor designs

The CHALLOW range of drying floors provide a complete system for the effective drying and storage of combinable crops, along with onions and potatoes. An air permeable, drive-on timber floor is set on a level concrete sub floor. These quality timber floors, available in either hardwood or kiln dried softwood, are able to carry virtually any pneumatic wheeled vehicle.

Grain drying floors

The floors are supported by TANALISED® E pressure treated softwood bearers. These form apertures through which air is blown by a fan via a main air duct. Most suitable buildings with the addition of perimeter walls can be converted to a modern storage facility. The drying floor can be adapted to fit most types of existing main air duct and is available in two designs – see below.

Particular areas of floor can be individually ventilated through the main air duct and apertures are designed for optimum air space and low resistance.

In addition to the general advantages, the CHALLOW drive-on drying floor offers the further benefit of a choice in design detail. The options are illustrated below.

Design A1

This design produces a near flush surface requiring minimal sweeping to clean between crops. To achieve this feature without impairing the strength, the floor plates are profiled to a unique section and the expanded metal inserts are pressed to suit. These features make it our most popular floor design.

Challow drive-on floor design A1

Available as:

Design A2

This design uses flat expanded metal inserts set approximately 20mm below the surface, leaving sufficient timber above the inserts for strength. Consequently more of the crop will be retained on the floor than the A1 design, which is reflected in the lower cost of this design option.

Challow drive-on floor design A2

Available as:

Clean out panels

On all A1 and A2 design floors, a removable pre-fabricated section in each floor unit is provided for removal of dust and small trash.

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