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Grain drying systems

Harvest Maxi Stirrers for high temperature drying systems

Harvest Maxi Stirrers are at the heart of high temperature drying systems. Stirrers ease the airflow through the grain which allows greater storage depths giving more tonnes per floor area. Stirrers considerably reduce drying time leading to lower fan running hours and energy consumption, and they can allow for a smaller fan unit of lower kW rating. The condition of the crop is greatly improved as grain is moved and mixed giving even air flow and accurate drying.

Harvest grain stirrer

Harvest stirrers greatly reduce airflow per tonne compared with a static store. The reduction of fan size by 50% of that required in a static store means the electricity supply can also be reduced.

The Harvest Maxi Stirrer uses a positive four wheel drive system for reliable trouble free travel of the stirrer along the store, and geared motor drive also gives cross travel.

Main features of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer

The relative low outputs of traditional Scottish tray dryers has been transformed with the addition of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer and high output CHC burners. Large batches can now be dried and cooled in much shorter times, more accurately and more efficiently. Systems can be designed for new buildings, or existing drying can be upgraded.

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